The "Seventh-Floor" is a culture of radical hospitality. At FCC we long to cultivate spaces that are overflowing with acceptance, filled with generous grace, and is beautifully diverse around th e person of Jesus Christ. All are welcome and safe, no matter how broken. All are appreciated and honored regardless of ethnicity, generation, background, or beliefs. All are invited to a long table where grace and love are the languages, and the magnetic love of Jesus is displayed in practical and meaningful ways. We intentionally invite the outsider and the marginalized to come to the table and community as Jesus did. The seventh- floor is a place where you have nothing to prove, nothing to lose, and nothing to hide; you never leave unseen, and healing and wholeness come to the hurting and wounded. This is a place for you to find your people and BELONG!!!!


A "Haven" a place where people come together to DO something, like play or study. It is an opportunity to meet new friends - because there's nothing more important than making connections
when you're doing something meaningful!
Check out our Havens page for more information


These are parties with a purpose. In 2023 we are going to invite every person at FCC to learn how to throw these kind of parties. COMING SOON


These are high accountability groups that meet regularly. In 2023 we will launch hubs basics to help anyone who is yearning to live the cruciform life do that in the context of the transformative context of a hub. COMING SOON