Havens are fun, safe and are organized around something interesting or familiar where many can be invited into a Jesus centered atmosphere for fellowship, fun, and food around an intentional activity, service focus or learning. It is designed to bring outsiders and insiders together in a place of hospitality, grace, acceptance and community. Havens are a place where all are accepted, relationships are formed and there is a sense of belonging.Jesus is there but so are His people, mingling like He did with those who did not yet know Him. Jesus showed the people that their conception of God was skewed and deeply flawed. In the same way, through gatherings of ordinary people, we can show others that their idea of God and Christians is also skewed and deeply flawed. And just as Jesus’ interactions with the multitude were an invitation to know Him in a new way, so our parties are invitations for people to come to the table with God’s people and discover something very different than they have known before. A long table with low walls where all are welcome, all are seen, all stories are important and God’s grace and love prevail in a seventh floor culture.

Learning Havens

Learning Havens are an opportunity to to gather with other individuals from FCC and
learn about a specific topic together while building friendships and community.
Visit our Events page to see when the next Learning Havens are taking place.

Sports Havens

Forest City Sports is a great first step to get involved, meet some new friends, and create community.  Leagues are ongoing throughout the year and we have many different sports to chose from. Whether your new to sports or if you've been playing sports your whole life, there's a spot for you in the Forest City Sports Ministry.
Check out our Sports Ministry.

Serving Havens

Serving on a team at Forest City Church is a great way for each of us to use our unique gifts and make a difference in our church! Serving on a team is also a great way to meet people and create a community. There are several different places that you can serve at Forest City Church.
Visit out volunteer page to learn where you can find a team!

Life Station Havens

Meaningful relationships can be hard to find. Here at Forest City Church, small groups exist to make life-changing relationships relevant and accessible to you. We want to help people find ‘their people’ and form meaningful relationships. People who have their own small group ‘community’ can do life together and help each other grow in their faith. Small Groups have one, simple purpose—to bring people together. We believe God created us to live in community with others and only then can we experience the full life He intends for us. At Forest City Church, we believe life change happens in the context of relationships.
Visit our Groups page to find a group for you!