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FC Youth meets on the 2nd
& 4th Sunday of the month during Sunday services for a special youth service

Relationships are at the heart and soul of what we do. Programs cannot change the lives of students, but relationships can. We do this through what we call our three 3s — Christ, Community & Creativity.
Discipling students in developing a personal relationship and rhythm with God. We do this by
  • Bible study plans
  • Biblical teaching
  • Worship (creating more ways to worship outside of music)
Creating an environment where students can connect and grow with others. We do this by…
  • Small groups
  • Community engagement / School and Youth organizations
  • Camps / lock-ins / retreats
Helping students discover their unique gifting(s) or call to serve and lead others. We do this by…
  • Providing opportunities for youth to express and explore their talents
  • Finding creative ways to engage the youth
  • Providing opportunities for mentorship
Isaias Cardenas
FC Youth Coordinator
Rockford Campus Staff

1) If I were a superhero, my superpower would be Miles Morales' spider powers.  

2) Cats or dogs? Dogs!

3) What's your favorite line from a movie? My favorite line is from the movie Spiderman Into The Spider Verse, Miles Morales says "When will I know I am ready?" Peter Parker replies, You won't, that's all it is Miles, a leap of faith".
Our goal is to help families do what they do better than anyone else: instill a rich and full sense of Christian identity in their children, and equip them to be the Church in the world. FCC youth are engaged in service, Bible study, and other opportunities for spiritual growth in a safe and fun community of peers and caring adults. We stay connected with students and provide the comforts of a spiritual home for young people as they grow in their faith. Perhaps most importantly, FCC Youth provides youth with a place where they can get to know a “great cloud of witnesses” — adults who share a common sense of values and a common delight in teenagers.


We use a computerized check-in system for our youth ministry.  If you’d like to register your kids for Forest City Youth, please let us know a little bit about your kiddos by filling out the form below.


FC Youth Weekend
January 14, 2024
10:00 AM

Sunday, January 14th is Forest City Youth Sunday. Middle School & High School Students are invited to come up to the Loft during the 9am or 11am services for special Youth service!  Come out and hang with the FC Youth Team!

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