A collective of artists and musicians looking to write songs to lift up Jesus in our city

"Imagine" (Feat. Carrington Gaines) | Forest City Worship
July 3, 2021
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Pre-save FCW new single, “Behold Him”
featuring Andy Davis and Carrington Gaines
streaming on all digital platforms on March 24th!

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The Blessing (Feat. Temitope & Christina Reid | Forest City Worship)
March 16, 2021
Glorious Day (Feat. Joe L Barnes & Carrington Gaines) | Forest City Worship
Holy Spirit (Feat. Christina Reid | Forest City Worship)
March 11, 2021
Holy Water (Feat. Lauren Scott and Jordan Colle) | Forest City Worship
February 22, 2021
Graves Into Gardens (Feat. James Paek | Forest City Worship)
April 5, 2021
Promises (feat. Joe L Barnes & Lauren Scott) | Forest City Worship
October 31, 2020
"You Keep On Getting Better" (Feat. Andy Davis & Caitlyn Dooley | FCW)
“How Deep Is Your Love” featuring Carrington Gaines & Andy Davis

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Our Worship Team exists to lead our church in musical worship every weekend and is composed of skilled musicians who love God and love music. If you would like information on an audition for the team, please let us know.